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What is ruston’s boneyard?

Ruston’s Boneyard is all about cooking. It’s about ditching the engineered, processed food that’s responsible for so many modern diseases, and getting back to simple, unprocessed ingredients, which, if we treat them the right way, remind us what truly delicious food really is. It’s not about recipes, about the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach, but rather a guide to being a cook.

We are often forced onto this path by health problems. After decades of processed grains, seed oils and sugars, many of us are facing the threat of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease – the hallmarks of middle age in the developed world. We may have come to paleolithic, ketogenic or carnivore ways of eating to address this threat, and in the process, begun a voyage of culinary discovery. We also want a better diet for our children, but within the boundaries of what’s achievable with school-age kids, and so we may need to cater for different ways of eating within the context of every meal.

Ruston’s Boneyard is here to provide a little guidance, a little inspiration.

Ruston’s Boneyard champions:

Grass-fed, pasture-raised ruminant animals; regenerative agriculture that acts as a carbon soak; and a more ancestral approach to food, where we allow our bodies to function as they have for millions of years, free from the incessant drip-feed of processed oils and carbohydrates.

Ruston’s Boneyard does not prefer:

Harmful food engineering designed to circumvent our satiety mechanisms; food marketing strategies that insist that we need to constantly snack to prevent us from running out of the energy that our body-fat so readily provides; plant-based diet campaigns that are nothing short of religious in fervour, funded by a processed food industry desperate to replace the cakes, sweets and biscuits that are falling from favour, with something with an equally massive profit margin. 

But What Do We Feed The Kids?

Tips on meals we can make for our children to balance out some of the meals we perhaps wish they would not eat.

About Jack

I am Jack Ruston. I love cooking. I love thinking about it, planning it, shopping for it, the preparation and cooking itself, and the silence that falls around a table when you really get it right. I have always cooked.

As a boy of eight or nine, I’d play ‘survival’ games in the garden, lighting fires with a flint striker and cooking bacon ‘borrowed’ from the fridge. I’m not sure where one would obtain bacon in a wilderness survival situation, but I can tell you that in a ‘back garden’ one, it’s both readily available and delicious.

Jack is super-legit – Robb Wolf


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- Bradley Hasse

No joke, it was one of the finest meals I’ve ever made myself. The sauce was exquisite

- Laurie Donaldson

Excellent! This was as good as the chef Masterclass videos I’ve been watching.

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