Where To Buy Meat?

One question I get asked a lot is ‘Where do you get your meat?’ In Part I of The Ruston’s Boneyard Guide To Steak, we dig in to the details of finding, and building a relationship with a good butcher. We discuss what to look for, what questions to ask, and what you should expect from your butcher.

But what if you don’t want to get in to all that? What if you just want to know where I, Jack Ruston, buy my meat? I’ll tell you – I buy it from a guy called Tom Joseph.

Tom breaks the mould. He’s sort of an ‘anti-butcher’. He’s not a dyed-in-the-wool fourth-generation master butcher. He does not operate from a high street location with history that runs back decades. He has not always been a butcher, and might not even really describe himself as a butcher. He thinks more about the meat than the cutting. From a mental standpoint, he’s more a customer than a butcher. As a result of all this, Tom is on ‘our side’ of the counter. He doesn’t see his customers as a necessary inconvenience, but as like-minded friends, who want the same thing that he does when he sits down at the dinner table.

Tom’s parents own and run Coxtie Green Farm in Essex, where his shop is located, raising pastured, grass-fed Hereford cattle, to the highest standards. His deep understanding of the animals themselves, and the way they should be raised, gives him the skills to choose the best quality meat from other farms: As well as selling their own Shorthorn, he hand-selects pastured beef from around the U.K – Scottish Shorthorn and Angus, Sussex and Wagyu from Sussex, Dexter and Hereford. Tom also selects the best examples of premium European beef. This is some of the finest meat available anywhere in the world, including Bavarian Simmental, Polish Roja Blanca and Spanish Galician Blonde. If you want something truly special, and you want an expert to go to the importer, inspect, select and cut it for you, Tom is your man.
Again in Part 1 of The Ruston’s Boneyard Guide To Steak, we look into dry ageing beef – why it is done, and what difference it makes. Tom Joseph is a dry ageing master. He has fully understood the conditions required to ensure that beef develops the ultimate texture and flavour, and doesn’t simply ‘go off’ due to being hung in the wrong temperature or humidity – a problem that crops up again, and again in my experience.

Rather than being stuck in the limited mindset of a single, local abattoir, and a local highstreet client base, Tom not only sources meat from across the U.K. but he also ships orders direct to customers, in chilled bags and boxes, on overnight delivery, at no extra charge. Wherever you are in mainland U.K Tom can get an order out to you.

Ready To Order?

You can order online from www.thomasjosephbutchery.co.uk

Use tom if you want…

  • The finest meat, hand-selected by someone who knows what they’re doing
  • Someone who’s on ‘your side’ of the counter
  • To build a lasting relationship with a butcher who knows your personal preferences
  • Access to the best premium beef on the planet for those special occasions
  • To support the highest standards of animal welfare
  • Advice from a fellow cook
  • Some great ideas if you want to try something new

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