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Online content and written material is fantastic, but there’s no substitute for actually getting into the kitchen, and cooking together. The interaction, communication and exchange of ideas, cements our understanding of the process like nothing else. Come and join me on one of our intimate workshop days. We work in a small group, in my own kitchen, enjoying the fruit of our labours, and if you wish a glass or two of superb wine as we go. We operate in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Come and join us.

Are you interested in the farming and butchery side of things? We will be running some workshops at Coxtie Green Farm, home of Thomas Joseph Butchery, which will explore the process of raising, hanging and cutting our meat. We will also be cooking, eating and drinking.

They say that fulfillment is not about collecting possessions, but collecting experiences. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for the meat-lover in your life, how about a ticket to one of our workshops?

I am sometimes available for private, one-to-one cooking instruction. If you’re interested in doing something like that, just get in touch. We can have a chat about what you want to do, and see what might be possible.

the ruston’s boneyard steak workshops

Have you always wanted to make the perfect steak at home, but never quite had the results you hoped for? Discover the art of perfect steak cookery with Jack Ruston of Ruston’s Boneyard. Join our small, intimate group, to learn the tricks and bust the myths around sourcing, choosing, preparing and cooking steak. We’ll also be making some sides, before sitting down to devour our mouthwatering creations, washing them down with a glass or two of something nice. This fun, relaxed workshop would make the perfect treat for yourself, or gift for a friend or loved one.

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